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Telehealth removes barriers to music therapy

I was reviewing some of my previous posts, reflecting on the year in music therapy and thought it was worth reminding you of how my music therapy services have continued throughout the pandemic. I found a letter I sent to several of my clients back in April, and thought I would share it here as well. Let me know how I can best serve you or your family member through music therapy in the coming year.

(Excerpted from client letter sent April 14, 2020 post)

With all my heart, I am hopeful that you and yours are weathering the shelter-in-place orders with grand success and health. Maybe you have a little more time at home these days? Might I suggest that you take 15 minutes to watch my TEDx talk delivered on December 12, 2019. Although it was just a few months ago, it seems like so much longer already. I don't know if you've had a chance to see it yet, so maybe now is your chance.

Here's a one minute promo link: or just go to the full 15:55 talk at You'll find some advice on how to use music listening at home for general mood regulation and boosting positive thinking. As an insider, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the TEDx talk.

Like many of you, I and my family, have been turned upside down in our routines. It has been a challenging time so we are using a lot of music around the house these days to keep our moods light and bright. How have you been using music to make your COVID-19 journey more tolerable?

Most importantly, I'm delighted that many of our clients are continuing services virtually via our telehealth services. I have been pleasantly surprised how well these sessions have gone, and I can say I am so glad to be a part of keeping the routines alive and well for those families I serve directly. Because of this telehealth access, it means it is also a great time to refer a friend or family member who could use a bit of customized music experiences while sheltering in place. Don't forget I also have Jeff Kust, master guitar teacher, composer, and performer at the ready to offer guitar lessons. Music Therapists Katie Bender, April Hickey, and Michelle Russell are booking sessions on line as well here. We are ready to serve you!

Thinking outside of the geographic box, a person need not be here in the Chicagoland area either, since telehealth removes the barriers of miles and timezones. By all means let us know if you feel someone in your circle could benefit from our offerings, and pass our information along. I have a special soft place in my heart for those in our community that are in skilled nursing facilities or the like and have lost the regularity of their visitors and friends. Maybe it is your own parent or a beloved aunt - I'd be happy to provide telehealth support during this difficult and isolating time and bring them the joy of customized music and conversational support.

As always, an exploratory intake call is free of charge.

Until next time, stay well and stay safe. See you on the other side of the screen, and keep singing! Victoria Storm, MM, MT-BC

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