About Victoria Storm

My songs are an introspective commentary on the classic themes of joy and struggle, loss and success, resentment and release. The songs always provide good melodies and heartfelt sentiments. I perform at local venues, festivals, and throughout the Midwest, including songs from my 2017 EP release “Hidden,” as well as a series of singles from my forthcoming EP.

I can be commissioned to write and record custom songs for special occasions.


As a board-certified music therapist, I spend my days developing and delivering music therapy services in hospital systems, in my own private practice, and I  contract with additional music therapists and educators to further extend my mission of making music accessible. I loves performing “Caring Concerts” for sensitive audiences, giving inspirational keynote concerts, and educational presentations on music therapy. 

Victoria Storm


Ted Talk

Speaking Events and Music Therapy

We tend to take for granted the restorative and motivating power of music in our lives.  In this talk, I offered personal and professional experiences to show how music can be transformative.  I suggested strategies on how to make music work in your life for a deeper connection to others, enhancing your motivation, and to regulate your emotions during challenging times.  It seems especially apropos these days.  Watch the 15 minute inspirational talk, via the TEDx Oak Park Women site.  

I would be delighted to create a workshop or presentation with your group of caregivers, students, or dedicated professionals.  Music never fails to inspire people to connect and feel deeply.  

Looking for music therapy services for someone you care about?  Let's talk - I will set you up for an assessment and potentially services with one of my amazing colleagues who are open for additional clients.

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You'll find Kettlestrings playing in and around Oak Park, Illinois.  Interpreters of new and old favorite tunes, you'll hear melancholy, joy, and humor with visits from the blues, folk, soul, and rock n' roll.  Revivalists?  Maybe - we just love to play what we love.  

We are available for your patio house concerts, parties, receptions, or other socially distanced and safe gatherings.  We've enjoyed playing corporate cocktail parties at the Hilton, private birthday celebrations, block parties, and venues including Fitzgerald's, The Friendly Tap, The Outtaspace, and Amy's Winehouse in the near western Chicago burbs.  

Get to know us better, visit our events listed at:


Send us an email at KettlestringsMusic@gmail.com

Acoustic Guitar

Custom Songwriting

There is no better gift or way to celebrate an event or person than with a custom song.  At VS Music Services you will receive not only a top notch, radio ready recording of your custom song, you will be involved in the process of creating the song from day one.  

Make your memories and affections sing in a completely new way - it will thrill and elate your dearest friends, colleagues, and family members.  

Packages include live performances, commemorative engraved plaques, music videos, and more. These are great for personal memories as well as corporate events and inspirational messages for any team.



My trio includes multi-instrumentalist and singer Katie Bender, who spends her time with The Herbal Remedies and other local ensembles.  On bass and cello is Don Kovach, who spends his days (often five in one week) telling bad dad jokes to middle school orchestra students.  I, of course, write, sing and play guitar.  We play almost exclusively originals, unless a song or two just need to be heard because it feels right.  

We enjoy playing smaller, more intimate settings where people want to listen to the tunes, where we can offer the time and space for some focused thinking and smiling.  House concerts and shows at Jarvis Square Pottery in Chicago have been favorites.  Call us for your neighborhood porch concert - we can play totally unplugged when needed.

Acoustic Guitar

Blog, YouTube, and Recordings

Join in the conversation on my blog.  Check out videos on my You Tube channel, and support my music making by purchasing my latest collection of songs.  If you like streaming your music, then grab on over at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and many others.  Don't forget to plug your favorite tune of mine into your favorites playlist and share with friends.  

Grab the re-mastered and expanded mix "I Wanna Be Kate" compilation of the songs of Kate Bush, commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the project. My contribution "The Kick Inside" along with many other Chicago musicians can be found on Bandcamp.  

New solo tunes and band tunes are also coming down the pike here.  Subscribe and you'll be the first to know!  

Podcast set

Songs of Healing podcast

In the works is my podcast dedicated to the most important song - songs of healing.  Welcome to Season One!  With an extensive background in music, music education, podcasting and website design, Don Kovach is jumping in to make this podcast a reality. 


We have in store for you a slew of fascinating special guests who have traversed the intersection of song and healing.  Songwriters, music therapists, insightful listeners, and others - we are honored to hear and hold their stories.

If you have a story, a tool, a moment of transformation that you've experienced through music, we'd love to hear from you.  Please let us know a little bit about your story or songs at VictoriaStormMusic@gmail.com.

Podcast Guest

MARCH 2020

I was honored to be a guest on The Hospice Chaplaincy Show in March of this year.  We had scheduled for me to come in to the studio for the interview, but if you notice by the date, March 17, the day after my town went on lock-down for COVID19, I decided to phone in my interview instead.  It is admittedly a long interview - get me talking about music therapy and I can't stop!

It is a comprehensive overview of the hospice music therapy that I do everyday, and reflective of my journey as healthcare worker and music therapist.

Next time you have an hour to hear how music can be used in a way that maybe you hadn't considered before, take a listen here.  Certainly shoot me a message, I'd love to hear your response.

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Kate Bush re-release, "The Kick Inside"


New life has been breathed into "I Wanna Be Kate - The Songs of Kate Bush." Remastered and expanded from the1998 project, it now reaches beyond the original interpretations by Chicago-based musicians. Executive Producer, Thomas Dunning has made it now available on Bandcamp with a whole new set of international contributors.  If you enjoy the music of Kate Bush, this is a must have.  Listen to the whole collection - my cover of "The Kick Inside" is track 10, and savvy listeners may recognize the highest voice on track 17 as mine. It was a delight to be involved in 1998, and a delight to share it again. The full album is available for sale on Bandcamp; please support it with a purchase as it was an act of love in the making.

Nurses Vigil

Vic and Richard at Scoville Park


MAY 2021

 - Celebrating Nurses Week - 
Join me in thanking the amazing nurses amongst us by sharing my new song "Nurses Vigil".  Listen to my lyric video here.  It was written in response to the stories I was honored to hold during the harrowing days of Covid 19, working with ICU nurses and offering deep listening as a peer support group leader.  I thank them for their service; this song is a song of empathy and understanding to tell their story. 

WEBINARS/SHOWS: (links to more info)


Sept 25 - Berwyn Brewfest, Kettlestrings Headlines

Sept 8 - For the Sake of the Song -Hosted by Tim Menard and Aaron Mitchell at The Outtaspace, guest songwriter with Terry White, 7pm

Aug 27 - Kettlestrings single release party, Outtaspace, Berwyn, opener Dave Kay at 7:30pm

July 31 - Funeral, Private

July 19 - Private Celebration of Life

July 10 - Kettlestrings Private Party

June 10 - Kettlestrings Private Party

May 6 - Release party for "Nurse's Vigil" single

April 28 - Kettlestrings at The Outtaspace, Berwyn

April 6 - Kettlestrings at Cheney Mansion, Oak Park

March 27 - Improv with Dream Chicago

Feb 27 - Host/Performer for Variety Show on Zoom


Dec 4 - Orland Park library series

Oct 16 - Berwyn Park District, Caring Concert

Sept 26 - Outdoor Block Party with Kettlestrings

Sept 16 - Music in the Garden - Logan Square, Chicago; Movie premier of "Vincent; the Punctual Vagrant" by Sarah Falkiner

April 21 – Wellness House, Hinsdale – Private webinar on music for wellness

April 22 – Blue Island Public Library – Private Webinar Caring Concert, 4 part series

April 24 – Songwriter’s Night at The Friendly Tap, Berwyn – rescheduled TBA

January 18 – Jarvis Square Pottery, Chicago. Acoustic trio with Don Kovach and Katie Bender.


August 11 - Genius Podcast - Diane Wilson interview about music and our potential. Spotify replay here.

May 17 - Mental Health Awareness Self-Care Party, Unity Temple, Facebook replay here

April 10 – Oak Park Porchfest – Facebook replay here.  

April 1 – The Echo Show with Maui Jones of Echo Theater Collective – Facebook replay here.

March 17 – Listen to The Chaplaincy Podcast – Victoria Storm on the transformative nature of music therapy in hospice care.


New Music

Released Aug 27, 2021

To be released Sept 24, 2021