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“My 6-year-old daughter is pre-verbal (or some like to say nonverbal) at this time.   She communicates via sign language, gestures, vocalizations and using her computerized talking device.  She loves music and is very motivated by music.  Music therapy has served as tool for, at times, increasing her vocalizations and motivating her to use her talker and construct longer phrases rather than just single words.  She really enjoys and benefits from one-on-one skilled music therapy to help facilitate improved communication skills.  This has also reinforced her love of making music at home  with the guitar and other instruments.  Music Therapy always brings a smile to her face and helps her interact with others on a whole new level.”

– Monica M., mother to individual music therapy client

“Victoria has an instant accessibility that makes anyone (child, adult, patient, fellow musician) feel right at home. She has the ability to see what gifts people have, and encourages them to step out of comfort zones without feeling alone or pushed. I hadn’t sung a solo in almost 20 years, but she made it feel like it was no big thing – so it wasn’t for me. She did music therapy for me without me even knowing it!”

— Alison Price, Instructional Designer, T-Mobile

“(My son) has literally blossomed since he started your music class. We always play music in the house and I always make up silly songs. But ever since he started your class a few months ago it’s like a switch was flipped. He dances all the time, asks me to sing make up songs with him and really embraces music. It brings me such joy because music is so important to me and I love seeing him experience it as well. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. He also made a significant turn in his vocabulary and language skills.”

— Kristin R, parent to preschool student enrolled in Musical Mornings class.

“Victoria has a great rapport with children of all ages. Since she is a contracted employee and works here only once a week, Victoria never knows who she may be working with. She is able to initiate a therapy session going in cold and generating trust and positive outcomes. She is creative, flexible and genuine. A great addition to the services provided here at Shriners Hospital for Children in Chicago.”

— Darlene Kelly, Director, Therapeutic Recreation and Child Life, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Chicago

“Victoria Storm co-presented with me at the most recent international orchestra conference (ICSOM) in Chicago. She was a delight as a presenter: knowledgeable, clear, informative, funny and supportive, and a team player. A real asset to any organization and a pleasure to work with.”

— Penny Brill, violist, music and wellness consultant, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

“Victoria is a creative, bright, independent leader who sings like an angel–while playing a guitar. Victoria has real musical and vocal talent and shares it as a music therapist who is committed to working with vulnerable populations whose lives can be enhanced by music. She has a big and exciting vision of how the arts can enhance our lives. I have worked with her on an arts council and have seen first-hand her sense of whimsy and her deep commitment to creating a fun and engaging world for children and parents.”

— Ellen Rosendale, Director, Family Services, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Victoria for several years through our shared involvement in the Society for the Arts in Healthcare. I was immediately drawn to Victoria’s effervescent personality and wanted to learn more about her current work at CMH. She gave me a personal tour of the hospital and described their plans for relocation in 2012. During the tour I delighted in the music therapy program and the warm and compassionate way Victoria described her very important work with children. She is a tireless advocate for incorporating music into the healing process and takes great pride in her daily work. She is articulate, funny and professional and perhaps most notably, is
always willing to go out of her way to promote a cause or help a friend. I highly recommend Victoria as a teammate, colleague, advocate or friend.”

— Trish (Nagy) Adelman, Associate, Director of Interiors, Eckenhoff Saunders Architects

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Victoria as part of the Creative Partnership Concept for the new Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. She not only brings a unique level of creativity to everything she does but she does it in a way that makes all who participate enjoy the process.”

— Bruce Komiske, Chief, New Hospital Design and Construction, Children’s Memorial Hospital

“Victoria is exceptionally customer-service and results oriented. As the Child Life Manager, Victoria was innovative in developing new programs at Children’s, and demonstrated the impact of her area’s work through the careful collection and analysis of data. Beyond her clear skills as a manager, Victoria is personable and a joy to work with. Victoria has excellent follow-through and is a success with all she does.”

— Chris Haen, former Social Work Manager, Children’s Memorial Hospital

“Ms. Victoria Storm is an experienced and talented clinician. Her experience and strengths in this area have lead her in the direction of a strong manager in healthcare and clinical services. Her work in direct services have served her well in understanding the needs of a health and clinical work environment both for the employee and those they serve, which are valuable skills in management. She offers feedback in a positive and professional manner, maintains a productive work environment, organizes her time and the structure of the work effectively.”

— Sarah Wiemeyer, former Director of Music Therapy, Institute for Therapy through the Arts

“Victoria Storm is a highly skilled and experienced music therapy clinician as well as an accomplished musician…. She was an invaluable member of our academic team (as graduate assistant teacher and supervisor) and she often chose to lead by example which students responded to favorably. It was clear that they respected not only her guidance but her demonstrated clinical work, and we as faculty, did as well.”

— Ed Roth, Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University

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