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About Victoria Storm


See the events section below for upcoming shows, or see my events on Facebook and Instagram.

My songs are an introspective commentary on the classic themes of joy and struggle, loss and success, resentment and release. The songs are melodic with often lush chords underneath - this harkens back to my growing up with classical piano lessons and in choral ensembles. For certain, the songs are rife with heartfelt sentiments.


I perform with my band Kettlestrings, solo, and with my trio most often in the Chicagoland area, including songs from my last EP called “Hidden.” I hope you enjoy the singles - "Butterfly Wings", and "This Old House" - they are the first releases from my forthcoming EP. I'm excited for you to hear them!


If you are interested in my work in music therapy with Caring Concerts in memory care units, click the tab that says "Music Therapist" above for more information. That's a whole other story indeed.

Recordings and Performing

My latest projects
Butterfly Wings COVER FINAL (1).png


Thank you in advance for supporting my original music projects.  There are links to these and other tunes available to you on all the streaming platforms for free of course. If you feel so compelled to help out additionally, you can purchase these singles on my homepage.  Stay tuned as I ramp up for release of these as a part of my forthcoming CD with more music to come very soon!  

Vic and Richard at Scoville Park



January 19 - "Sharing Show" at the Friendly Music Community with Kettlestrings to close the night


November 25 - The Dovetail in Warren MI with Vern "Spoo" Tonges

November 17 - Berwyn's Outtaspace with Jules Klee and The Swains

October 20 - Folk Alliance Regional Midwest showcase

October 6 - South Park Tavern - with Mike Bankhead - Dayton, OH

Oct 1 - House Concert w Christine Steyer and Arron Grace

Sept 28 - with Kettlestrings at Epiphany Center for the Arts in Chicago

Sept 15 - Private event - Garden Party, Oak Park

Sept 9 - Friendly Music Community

Aug 25 - Epiphany Center Chicago, w Kettlestrings

July 22 - Sweet Treats House Concert w Jim Parks

May 31 - Epiphany Center Chicago, w Kettlestrings

May 10 - trio show at Outtaspace for Indie Night

May 6 - Exit Strategy with Kettlestrings

April 29 - UT Spring Music Fest w Kettlestrings

April 21 - with Tim Menard at Lizzard's Lounge 

April 16 - UT WISE Ensemble guest director

March 31 - guest at Jenny Beinamann's Haiku Milieu show at The Golden Dagger

March 10 - Friendly Music Community, Berwyn IL special guest Kettlestrings

March 4 - Women in Music History festival at Friendly Music Community

Feb 18 - UT Women's Retreat - Sharing Show host

Feb 17 - Interview with Judith Pinkerton on

Jan 28 - Compound Yellow - Oak Park

Jan 20 - Black Dog Vinyl Cafe - Plainfield

Jan 13 - Friendly Music Community, Berwyn IL, special guest Mark Dvorak

Before 2023?  Send a message for info.   

TOH Flowers 3Kx3K.png


Be sure to subscribe to my email and blog updates - I will keep you posted about new releases, shows, and general ramblings from my musical life.  

More to come about making the recordings and the incredible friends who have joined me on this journey!

Storm Lab 11.18.22.png

The Sharing Show

Catch my newest project in Berwyn at the

Friendly Music Community where I walk the musical tight-rope of looping and songwriting. You'll enjoy guest creatives engaging in artistic exploration and sharing their creative process, passions, and unanswered questions. 

The fun kicks off January 19, 2024.


Victoria Storm Trio

My trio is a project dedicated to my original music.  The members change based on the needs of the song or arrangement.  I've been blessed to play with some dear friends and generous spirits.  Pictured above is Katie Bender, who now runs The Red House concert series in Escanaba MI.  I do miss her, indeed.  On bass and cello (pictured above) is Don Kovach, who spends his days teaching middle school orchestra students. Our current lineup includes Ed Sullivan on upright bass, Richard Raskin and Ray Holdsworth (both from Kettlestrings) on electric guitar and drums, respectively. I, of course, write, sing and play guitar.  

You'll find us at the Friendly Music Community, the Outtaspace, and maybe your next house concert series.  Let me know if you want more info.  

Kettlestrings Thumbnail


You'll find Kettlestrings playing in and around Oak Park, Illinois.  Interpreters of new and old favorite tunes, you'll hear melancholy, joy, and humor with visits from the blues, folk, soul, and rock n' roll.  Revivalists?  Maybe - we just love to play what we love.  Interested in our original tunes as well?  You can find those on most streaming platforms and at our local shows.

We are available for your porch, block, or house concerts, parties, and receptions.  Find us at corporate cocktail parties at the Hilton, private birthday celebrations, block parties, and in beloved Berwyn venues. The Epiphany Center for the Arts in Chicago - their Golden Hour series - that has been fun to play and gather folks together.

Look to your favorite streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, or others) for our releases.  "Smile" and "Time Moves Slow" are faves written by bandmate Ed Malone. "Phoenix" was penned by myself with the band in mind.  

Interested in booking a private event?  

Send us an email at


Interested in having your own physical copy of Hidden?  Now is the time to grab it!  Watch the video and follow this link for your very own copy:

Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 7.02.09 PM.png

Kate Bush re-release, "The Kick Inside"


New life has been breathed into "I Wanna Be Kate - The Songs of Kate Bush." Remastered and expanded from the1998 project, it now reaches beyond the original interpretations by Chicago-based musicians. Executive Producer, Thomas Dunning has made it now available on Bandcamp with a whole new set of international contributors.  If you enjoy the music of Kate Bush, this is a must have.  Listen to the whole collection - my cover of "The Kick Inside" is track 10, and savvy listeners may recognize the highest voice on track 17 as mine. It was a delight to be involved in 1998, and a delight to share it again. The full album is available for sale on Bandcamp; please support it with a purchase as it was an act of love in the making.

IRIS by A Kubinska.jpg

Nurses Vigil


 - Celebrating Nurses Week - 
Join me in thanking the amazing nurses amongst us by sharing my new song "Nurses Vigil".  Listen to my lyric video here.  It was written in response to the stories I was honored to hold during the harrowing days of Covid 19, working with ICU nurses and offering deep listening as a peer support group leader.  I thank them for their service; this song is a song of empathy and understanding to tell their story. 
Acoustic Guitar

Blog, YouTube, and Recordings

Join in the conversation on my blog.  Check out videos on my You Tube channel, and support my music making by purchasing my latest collection of songs.  If you like streaming your music, then jump on over to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or many others.  Don't forget to plug your favorite tune of mine into your favorites playlist and share with friends.  

New solo tunes and band tunes are also coming down the pike here.  Subscribe and you'll be the first to know!  


August 11, 2021 - Genius Podcast - Diane Wilson interview about music and our potential. Spotify replay here.

May 17, 2020 - Mental Health Awareness Self-Care Party, Unity Temple, Facebook replay here. 

April 10, 2020 – Oak Park Porchfest – Facebook replay here.  

April 1, 2020 – The Echo Show with Maui Jones of Echo Theater Collective – Facebook replay here.

March 17, 2020 – Listen to The Chaplaincy Podcast – on the transformative nature of music therapy in hospice care.

Acoustic Guitar

Custom Songwriting

There is no better gift or way to celebrate an event or person than with a custom song.  At VS Music Services you will receive not only a top notch, radio ready recording of your custom song, you will be involved in the process of creating the song from day one.  

Make your memories and affections sing in a completely new way - it will thrill and elate your dearest friends, colleagues, and family members.  

Packages include live performances, commemorative engraved plaques, music videos, and more. These are great for personal memories as well as corporate events and inspirational messages for any team.

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