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Introspective Music

A Custom Songwriter Who Specializes in Songs From the Heart

Relationships are the most important things we can make. 


Sometimes that is easy - sometimes, not so much. The beauty of music is that you can take these messy emotions and turn them into something beautiful and transcendent. Through songwriting you can tell a beautiful story, and also be heard and validated for your more challenging experiences. At Victoria Storm Music, I specialize in writing introspective music about the ups and downs of relationships. Songs can say thank you, I miss you, we love you, or any number of sentiments. If we work together, we will balance these contrasting feelings and find the truth in what you want to say. When I write songs, I do my best to be authentic in capturing exactly what you are trying to say. 

Whether it’s a romantic partnership, a friendship, a familial bond, we will harvest your real emotions and put them into your song, telling your story with truth and love for the person you want to celebrate, or the story you desire to tell. 

My name is Victoria Storm and I’m a professional singer-songwriter and music therapist. I not only make my own music; I also offer my services as a custom singer-songwriter for people searching to find the right words and melody to tell their story. If you’re looking to tell your story through song, contact me today. 

I’ve been a professional singer-songwriter for many years, and I’ve made a wonderful career out of helping others find their voice through song. If you are looking to write a song that is straight from the heart, contact me today.

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