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Therapeutic Music Podcast

Songs of Healing Podcast hosted by Board Certified Music Therapist

Music is a transcendent art form. There is something magical about hearing a somber melody or a chord progression that truly resonates with you. It can be uplifting and shift your mood almost instantly. Music finds the feelings that are hard to put into words.


My name is Victoria Storm and I’m a singer-songwriter, performer, and board certified music therapist. I truly believe in the power of music to help patients through traumatic times and overcome emotional obstacles. In my work as a board certified music therapist, I have helped my clients for over 25 years process their feelings and tell the stories of their lives.  I've also used song to celebrate and acknowledge special bonds through saying thank you through an original song.


Having lived my adult life in the Chicago area, I've met and worked with people from many walks of life.  This podcast is dedicated to them - to those who seek a little understanding and solace in song, who have experienced the transformative power of music in connecting to others or in gaining deep insight about oneself.  Don't know of a music therapist near you?  The power of music is just on the other side of turning on that favorite song. Listen and engage in the Songs of Healing Podcast to hear some stories straight from the songwriters, educators, musicians, therapists and enthusiasts. The format of the show is simple - guests share their favorite songs of healing and why. We invite deep conversation with our guests and fall down the rabbit hole together. Each episode we explore the songs that bring healing - with fellow musicians, educators, music therapists, and music enthusiasts. The content is up to the guest, however, we focus mostly on non-religious or more secular content.


Music fans can tune into the Songs of Healing podcast for thought pieces and conversations. And if you want to find a music therapist near you, shoot us an email and we can help with that too.

Music has an introspective quality. No matter who you are or what you are doing, it's an art form that has the power to transform and inspire. Music touches our spirits and challenges our minds in a way that no other medium can. In my work as a music therapist, I’ve seen the power that music has to break down mental barriers and help patients overcome challenging situations. Join us for this discussion, and see how you can use it in your own life and for those you love.

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