Music Therapy Podcast

A Music Therapy Podcast and Certified Music Therapist Near You

Music is a transcendent art form. There is something magical about hearing a somber melody or a chord progression that truly resonates with you. It’s a spectacular feeling that is hard to put into words. My name is Victoria Storm and I’m a singer-songwriter, music lover, and certified music therapist. I truly believe in the power of music to help patients through traumatic times and overcome emotional obstacles. So, look no further if you are in search of a certified music therapist near you.

In addition to offering music therapy sessions through local hospital systems, I also host a music therapy podcast for those who are interested in the field. Each episode I talk about new developments in music therapy techniques and bring in fellow educators and musicians to discuss everything from technology to healing through song. Anyone who is a fan of music should tune into my music therapy podcast for weekly thought pieces and conversations.

Music has an uplifting quality. No matter who you are or what you are doing, it's an art form that has the power to transform and inspire. Everyone loves music because it touches our spirit and challenges our minds in a way that no other medium can. In my work as a music therapist, I’ve seen the power that music has to break down mental barriers and help patients overcome challenging situations. If you’re struggling with mental health issues and other treatments haven’t worked, feel free to reach out. Or if you’re suffering from a physical ailment and you want a way to reduce stress and improve your outlook, I’m happy to help. I guarantee that I’m the best-certified music therapy near you if you live in the Oak Park area.