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Wellness Events through Music

Speaking Events and Workshops Courtesy of Victoria Storm Events

Speaking events and workshops are a great way to build a community. Although much of our communication is now done online, human contact is still very important - especially in times where it must be limited for safety reasons.


My name is Victoria Storm and I’m a singer-songwriter, performer, podcast host, and board certified music therapist. Through my company, V S Music Services, I offer webinars and live events experiences designed to help your team connect, your clients engage in music experiences, and learn about how music can support healthy lifestyles and effective communication.   

I have years of experience as a public speaker and workshop host. I am now offering my services and experience to those who want to harness the power of music. To learn more, check out my Ted Talk released in January 2020 through the "TEDx Oak Park Women" conference recorded in December of 2019, just before the global Covid-19 pandemic hit us with such veracity.

At V S Music Services, I provide content for your live or virtual events. Whether you’re looking to hold a musical performance, a lecture, meditation classes, or inspire others to live their greatest lives, I’m happy to lend my voice and expertise. 


Contact me today if you want to include the power of music in your wellness event or workshop. 

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