Speaking Events And Workshops

Speaking Events and Workshops Courtesy of Victoria Storm Events

Speaking events and workshops are a great way to build a community. Although much of our communication is now done online, human contact is still very important - especially in times where it must be limited for safety reasons. My name is Victoria Storm and I’m a singer-songwriter, educator, podcast host, and certified music therapist. Through my company, Victoria Storm Events, I’m currently offering event help to those who want to organize live or virtual events.

Digital communication is fast and convenient, but there is something special about face to face interaction. I have years of experience as a public speaker and workshop host. I am now offering my services and experience to those who need help planning and organizing speaking events and workshops. We’re living in confusing times. The best way to get through it is to stay busy and focused on the positive. What better way to spread knowledge and community than to host an event?

At Victoria Storm Events, we host both live and virtual events, so you don’t have to put yourself or others in danger just to enrich the community. Whether you’re looking to hold a musical performance, a lecture, yoga classes, or anything in between, I’m happy to lend a hand. In these trying times, we need to rely on one another. I’ve been blessed to have a long fruitful career that has taught me a variety of skills that I’m happy to share with others. Workshop and event hosting is one such skill that brings me joy and I want to share that with anyone who needs assistance. Contact me today if you need help with an event or you’re planning a workshop. I’m happy to do what I can to help.