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Victoria Storm Radio on Spotify

Ok friends. We crossed a nice little milestone over on Spotify. Three cheers to the almighty algorithm for creating a Victoria Storm Radio station on Spotify, ripe with some of my musical heroes. Aimee Mann, Nora Jones, and several others with whom I’m excited to share a playlist.

Join me for a listen?

And if you are familiar with Kettlestrings, check out our radio station too. Interestingly it’s a pretty mellow collection - we are a bit more up tempo live, but these recordings do lend to a mellow Americana vibe.

Woohoo 🎉 and thanks as always for sharing this musical journey with me.

In case Spotify is not your thing, my solo tunes and Kettlestrings tunes can be found on most other streaming platforms.

Once we finish this season of releasing singles to the streaming services, there’s talk of EP release shows and celebrations to drag your friends to, and CDs to add to your collection. I’ll keep ya posted.

As always, thanks for listening. Keep singing!


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