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And now Butterfly Wings is yours, with an extra gift

On Friday I released "Butterfly Wings" for you, dear listener, to enjoy at your leisure. Click here to find it on your favorite streaming platform. It is also featured on the front page of my website, where you can stream it or pick up your very own copy of the song.

On my Facebook Live celebration at noon this past Friday, release day, my friend Bob said that as he listened to it he considered the "paradox of pleasure in the pain". Mariana said the song "floats". Indeed it is a song that embraces sadness and pain, and has an ethereal quality to it in seeking relief. It also moves with a hopefulness in the chorus: "Take me to the land of Never-Never, where this old wound doesn't sting." You can catch the 30 minute replay here or on my Victoria Storm Music page on Facebook.

As a special thank you gift for your listening to my tunes, I've created a playlist on Spotify that you can save for your very own. It is called "Mellow Me, Please" and is chock full of my favorite mellow jams, from modern divas to hometown favorite heroines, to voices who have shaped me as a songwriter. I hope you like it and will listen to it EVERY DAY! Well, that would be wonderful, but realistically, I'd love to know you listen to "Mellow Me, Please" when you need a certain kind of mellow. I think it's good for that quiet computer work kind of day, or relaxing with tea. What ever floats your boat.

I look forward to hearing what you think. You'll notice the first couple of songs are from yours truly, peppered with some of my old tunes throughout the playlist. The others' songs on the playlist are pure brilliance. I hope you love it as much as I do. If you'd like me to create this over on another listener platform, give me a shout and I will make that happen if I can.

Thanks as always for listening. More music and things to keep your inbox happy are on their way to you. Thanks again for listening to "Butterfly Wings", saving it to your favorite playlist, and following me wherever you listen to your music.

Cheers for now, and keep singing!

- Victoria

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