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An Incredible Early Autumn

All music, all the time. That's what I would call October, and part of September too.

In addition to my full time work as a board certified music therapist I have had an incredible early fall as a listener, fan, songwriter, recording artist and performer. Here's a rundown of the highlights in pictures, and a quick video, just because it's fun:

  • Sept 10 and 27 - Gigs with Kettlestrings at our favorite venues - The Outtaspace and a private block party. We had a great couple of hours playing for a neighborhood group of friends. Were you there? Keep us in mind for your summer block party or fundraising event next year.

  • Sept 22 - Solo "Storm Lab" show at the Friendly Music Community in Berwyn - dubbed "lab" because I planned to play 45 minutes and ended up playing 2 hours, talking and looping and improvising, pulling out oldies and sharing new faves. Loads o' fun. See you at the next one? TBA.

  • Sept 27 - Solo House concert and singalong; actually an outdoor Courtyard Concert where neighbors came out of their condos and gathered in the courtyard for after work drinks and music. That place was already rockin' the Halloween decorations. Awesome fun!

  • Then a weekend away with BFFs followed by another weekend away for what we call "Family Camp" with our faith community where Saturday night I host a talent share followed by guitar songs around the campfire. Dang, I love that group of people. Here's my kiddo killing it on an Alicia Keyes tune. And yes, I was rockin' that cowboy hat accompanying her.

  • Don Kovach and I snuck in a little recording time, and above you'll see some images of Kettlestrings performing out and about town. Love those friends - I am grateful indeed.

  • I also was lucky to see Pie-Eyed Pete, Modern Day Saints, Southern Culture on the Skids, and Billy Bragg this month in addition to all this performing. Woohoo indeed I've been having fun!

  • And that's not even considering the maybe 100+ songwriters/players I heard at the Folk Alliance Region Midwest conference that I attended this last weekend. There's a few photos above of a wonderful set by Jenny Beinemann and friends in their showcase room, as well as Arielle Silver (online musician friend from LA) and stellar headliners Siena Christie and Spencer Lajoye who I was LUCKY enough to share a three-in-the-round song share with in the First Timers showcase room. I stayed up until 1:30am and that was my wonderful reward; they were on the showcase at the same time! Both Siena and Spencer were super gracious. And wow, I met some of the coolest and kindest people at that conference. I'll be signing up for next year too.

With such a great early autumn almost done, I wonder what the winter will bring..... maybe a release of some new music? Hmmmmm.....

Until next time friends, thanks for reading. Oh, and, go hear some great music. You will thank yourself for it later.

Keep singing.

- Victoria

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