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Violence and Stigma in Mental Health

Please follow this link to read this article about autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and the mistake we make when we over generalize. This New York Times writer has done a great job in clarifying the difference between mental health disabilities, and violence in Our Sons Are Not Future Killers.

Our hearts must find ways to mend, again, and again, in this very unfinished incomplete world.

I believe a way is through exploring the arts – music, theater, visual art, poetry, dance and even yoga. Find what you love and do it often. It brings peace to you, your family, and then to your town, your region, your world. The concept of thinking globally, acting locally can be for more than conservation – I think we can also act in PEACE, and see a much wider impact on the world around us.

May peace find rest in our hearts, and through our creativity.

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