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Growth is not inevitable

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I am a lifelong learner. I find myself interested in something new, and I tend to dive into it. Maybe you are the same way. I’m starting to realize, however, that growth is an action. Growth is something that we have to embrace and sometimes wrestle to the ground.

I am in a season of growth having just updated my website and making major changes in my private practice, work, and musical pursuits. Some of this was of course in response to my change in business practices because of quarantining and expanding virtual services. This is also in response to everyone else needing to make changes. I suppose it’s happening all the time, but maybe I just notice how we are all doing so much growing right now, whether it’s coping with new struggles or stretching to reach new opportunities and goals.

Like many women of my generation I was socialized to be quiet and pay attention, be polite and not ask for too much attention, to listen rather than speak. Although I didn’t put too much stock in that way of living, sometimes to my mother‘s dismay, that message is still a deep part of me. I am still growing, and struggling at times to use my voice.

This is of course quite contrary to the current needs for self-promotion and confidence on stage and the self awareness of my own perceived worth by an audience sometimes comprised of strangers.

So here I am, growing before your very eyes, taking the gulp to move forward and share with you my thoughts. Certainly in this online climate, you can easily consider these messages or decide to ignore them. That is up to you of course. I do hope however that maybe we can engage in some conversation about what it feels like to grow and stretch towards the sun, outside of our comfort zones.

May your day be filled with light and love and maybe even some baby steps of growth.

Keep singing.

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1 Comment

Victoria Storm
Victoria Storm
Sep 22, 2020

Thanks for the read folks. Are you doing some extreme growth these days?

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