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Pivot and Prosper

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 by Victoria Storm

With the opening of school in the online format, I have decided to close our beloved music therapy studio in the Medical Arts Building here in Oak Park.  All of our clients and students that were able to do so, switched to sessions and lessons on line.  Thank you to those of you who did so for making the pivot a positive experience for all.  Closing the studio was a tough but wise decision.  And who knows, when this is all over we may be able to open up that or another space for in person sessions and lessons again.  

Meanwhile I will be teaching and leading sessions and online concerts from my home studio.  Our music therapy colleagues and music educators are doing the same.  We appreciate you coming along for the ride.

Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions.  

Stay tuned for a new website, some enhanced offerings from my personal collection of music and recordings, and more activity in the blog and podcast world.  

Until next time, keep singing, this time with your mask on.

- Victoria Storm, MM, MT-BC

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