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Kettlestrings music release in August

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Got a wish, a hope, or clear intention?

Like all of us, my bandmates from Kettlestrings and I found ourselves in an extended moment of pause when the venues and gigs shut down last year. So, after some shock, some rest, and then desire to keep moving forward, we focused on recording, sometimes from our own living rooms.

Now I realize I am incredibly lucky to be able to do this - so many have suffered so much and are still reeling from this devastating change in everything. Making music has always been a way I respond to struggle. I think it was for my bandmates as well.

We are not unique in this decision, many bands also made this choice to focus on recording. We’ve learned a lot making this happen in the DIY music world. I am loving this current time of re-emergence, hearing what people have been working on.

The exciting news is that our debut recording "Smile," is being released the end of August!

I’ll share the details over the next several days and weeks leading up to release day, Friday, August 27, but save the date for a good party and if staying home and enjoying a new song online is more your speed, links are coming down the pike.

I’m hoping you’ll go on this journey with us! More details are on the way to you.

With affection,


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