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Merry Christmas Baby, from Kettlestrings

It's Christmas Eve and I just hosted a "watch-party" on YouTube to premiere a video my band Kettlestrings made of the Otis Redding song "Merry Christmas Baby." Click the link above to check it out - it's fun and family friendly!

We miss performing on a regular basis, but have kept the energy going during this long period of social distancing. Maybe you can tell from the video how much fun we have making music together and enjoying our musical playground.

So on this Christmas Eve, I send you my appreciation for being in my world, and I wish for you some moments of solace and joy with your beloveds during this holiday season, no matter if you are near or far from each other.

I'll keep you posted on the new music coming out soon - lot's of exciting things are just around the corner!

Thanks again, and as always, keep singing!


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