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Stopping, and starting

I stopped writing here more than 2 months ago.  Not on purpose to be sure, but more out of the need to focus in and take care of important business.  It has been an incredibly busy and lovely summer here at Oak Park Music Therapy with LOADS of music, new students, band performances, solo gigs, conference planning, running groups and individual sessions, and filling summer days with meaningful experiences – making memories.  I felt myself trip over the intention to write again, mostly out of the feeling that what I have to say may be of little importance to anyone else.  Maybe a little vacation-itis.  Isn’t that the case though in life, when we find ourselves stopping, and then restarting?  The key I think, is to remember to restart.  Whether that is taking guitar lessons as an adult, remembering to say thank you and I love you every single day, or stopping unhealthy habits and replacing them with healthy ones.


Whatever you may have found you stopped doing lately, may you find your way back with a sense of purpose and determination.

Enjoy the moments of reflection.

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