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The power to persevere

LOVE this post from a fellow blogger and music therapist. Rock On!!!!!

I feel jet lagged and exhausted.

I feel pressures emotionally, financially, educationally, personally, spiritually…

I want to crawl into bed and sleep away the agonizing exhaustion and maybe all the stress will seem less when I awake…


I have work to do.

Not out of commitment to contract or sense of obligation to those who are depending on me.

I have work to do, because there are some things about my current situation that are unacceptable.

I can no longer abide by feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. I will show gratitude to the Universe/Great Spirit/Creator/God/Goddess/All One for this beautiful life with all of the challenges that make me stronger and wiser.

I will not diminish the wonderful gifts I have been given to share with this world by harming myself with self doubt, poor food choices, unhealthy habits, depression and damaging patterns of behavior .

I will do what…

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