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You want ME to be the conductor?!

I’ve been invited to work with a group of women singers and instrumentalists to lead an ensemble in a performance for a large audience – an audience used to a very high quality musical experience.  Not only am I deeply honored and excited to participate in this ensemble, I have taken on the responsibility of selecting and arranging the pieces from recordings as well.  And let me clarify, this is not a music therapy project, instead a grand artistic leap for me as a musician and music-based storyteller working with “typical” adult music lovers.

To say the least, I am pushing my musical boundaries.  Within my comfort zone is playing gigs with a few friends where we rehearse the tunes to death via relaxed and fun rehearsal processes.  Within my comfort zone is encouraging whatever music to come out of people, and celebrate that small victory.  That’s my job, essentially, as a music therapist.  Being responsible for the product to be consumed for aesthetic quality and artistic presentation with a group is a new challenge that I have upheld with the bands I’ve performed with, but not larger groups.  It is exciting to say the least, and intensely invigorating.  I come home from rehearsal needing at least an hour or two to cool down for sleep.

Not only am I helping people to access music to transform their lives in music therapy, I am being transformed personally by meeting and facing this new artistic challenge.  This growth process is fascinating, and feels a lot like being strapped to a train.  Maybe more like swimming in a lake at night for the first time — you know it is going to be great, and still, a bit scary!

Ohward ho to new musical adventures – it is fodder for a great life.  That, I know for sure.

So, my question for you…   How have you stretched yourself, artistically or otherwise?  After all, isn’t getting through this life an act of faith and creativity in itself?

May you have sweet lullabies to send you off to sleep each night.

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