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Coping with Hospitalization

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Katy Perry in Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From time to time I get to share my patient’s work.  I do this with express permission from the patient/client and/or their parent.  This is the case with “Madeline” – a teen hospitalized with a halo contraption to stretch her spine in preparation for spinal surgery in two or three week. Later, she would experience two weeks of healing and therapy.

After our first meeting, we decided a good way to get to know each other was by singing through some familiar tunes. She sang Katy Perry’s Firework.  It’s a great inspirational song about keeping going when you feel less than your best self.  This young teen, removed from her regular social and academic environment, was missing her regular life.

After we went through a few options, Madeline chose to re-write the lyrics and create a version that reflects her advice on how to get through tough times.  These are the re-written lyrics she wrote with my assistance.  I share this as an example of the power of music to inspire and facilitate health.  Hum the tune to yourself as you read her words.

"When you are alone, and have no where to go, 
A friend can help you through, You don't have to be alone.
There's always someone who's there to comfort you, 
To hold your hand through the rough time.

When I'm feeling weak, and losing control
I'm not sure how I can make it through
But then I turn to friends, and they boost me up
Make me feel I'm strong, so I can carry on.

Baby I'm a firework..."

Remembering home, remembering friends, remembering what is important can make all the difference to help someone cope with hospitalization or a series of medical procedures.  Madeline is now equipped with a catchy song she can sing to herself in moments of struggle to remind her of the important things — her friends.

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